Injustice Gods Among Us Hack For Unlimited Power, Energy, All Booster Packs

Injustice Gods Among Us HACK Tool

Injustice Gods Among Us Hack is a hack program created special for Injustice God Among Us Game, one of the most popular in the world played over 10 millions players.
Don`t waste your time looking for other hack tools that does not really works and you might get your device infected with viruses. This version of Injustice Gods Among Us Hack Tool is more secured then the previous one because it has a big list of Proxies and Anti Ban built in. It is very simple to use, better looking and makes your gaming more fun.

Features in Injustice Gods Among Us Hack:

Add Power Credit up to 999999
Add Energy up to 999999
Unlock All Characters
Unlock All Costumes
Get All Booster Packs
Working on IOS and Android
Anti Ban protection and Proxy

How to use Injustice Gods Among Us HACK:

Download the program
Connect your device and press Detect Device
In right side will appear if your device was connected
Then enter the Power Credit and Energy Amount
Click to Unlock Characters and Costumes if needed
Press HACK GAME and wait until the process is finished
Have fun!

DOWNLOAD Injustice Gods Among Us Hack:

Download Button

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